E-One IPL Hair Removal Device (Like New Condition)

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E-One IPL Hair Removal Device (Like New Condition)
Auckland Region, North Shore City, Birkenhead,
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If you’re sick of spending money on costly hair removal appointments that hurt, the E-One – a revolutionary new salon grade at-home hair removal device – might be your best investment yet. It was for me!! I’m completely hair free and a very happy customer of this product.

What is the E-One and how does it work?

The E-One is a revolutionary medically certified Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal device for at-home use. The technology works by applying an intense light pulse that reaches the pigment in your hair and separates the hair from its nourishing structure, resulting in permanent hair removal.

The E-One can be used on all the surfaces of the body (including bikini line, jaw, moustache, neck and forehead), but not on the area protected by the safety glasses.

How does IPL differ from laser and why should people choose IPL instead?

IPL is a superior technology to laser, as laser is only able to target a single hair colour because of the beam’s single wavelength. On the other hand, IPL uses the full spectrum of light (multiple wave lengths at once, like a prism), so can target several hair colours simultaneously.

To put it more simply, imagine laser is like a vitamin B tablet and IPL is like a multivitamin - both are good, but IPL will target a wider range in one treatment.

Is the E-One safe for people to use at home even if they’ve had no previous experience with IPL hair removal?

The main goal of the E-One manufacturer was to create the safest, easiest and most effective hair removal device for at-home use. I did my research, especially given the crazy expensive price tag I intended to pay for it!!

It took three years to develop and, as a result, it has 12 security checkpoints that ensure users have a safe and reliable product. It is Medical CE certified for home use, and is registered on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Of course, the user should always read the instructions manual before their first session, but it is definitely safe and very easy to use.

Is there any pain involved?

When it comes to waxing, you are talking about real pain. When it comes to IPL it’s more about tingling sensations as opposed to pain.

I’d say that for the legs and arms there is nearly no feeling, however other parts of the body (such as bikini, moustache and neck), might be more sensitive as they have a higher concentration of hair.

This sensitivity should disappear little by little after each session with the E-One as there will be less hair to remove.

How many sessions are needed before hair is removed permanently?

As your hair has different growth cycles, you’ll need several treatments to get the best results. I recommend between 10 to 12 treatments over a period of 12 to 18 months, followed by one retouch every year or two for some untreated hair.

Does it take longer to minimise hair growth depending on whether you have darker or lighter hair?

First of all, it’s important to note that no IPL or laser machines can treat either red or white hair as there is very little, or no pigment in these types of hair. Other than that, as long as there is pigment in the hair structure, the E-One is equally as efficient for dark or lighter hair.

How much does the E-One cost if you were to buy new?

The E-One costs $2,890 all up, but is a very worthy investment if you think about how much you’d spend on in-salon waxing and other less effective hair removal treatments. Lucky you, I’m selling mine at a fraction of the cost as it’s done it’s job and I no longer require it.

Prior to purchasing (and based on buyer brand new, not the discounted price I am selling at) I did a price comparison on different hair removal methods for women over a 10-year period (based on hair removal for lips, both full legs, bikini and both armpits) and the costs came up as follows: IPL and laser in a professional clinic, $6,400; waxing at a beauty salon, $12,850; Waxing at home, $3,690; disposable razor, $2,250; E-One, $2,890.

Through these cost estimations, I found that hair removal with the E-One turns out to be the most cost-efficient method over a one-year period.

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Country of manufacture: France

Condition: Used but like new in perfect working order .


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