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Canterbury, Christchurch City, Beckenham
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Smile Concepts
Canterbury, Christchurch City, Beckenham,
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Smile Concepts is a Christchurch dental surgery located in the suburb of Sydenham. We offer the best dental care possible to all our customers. We do this in a friendly, open and relaxed atmosphere. Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in different areas of dentistry.


You want to maintain healthy teeth as this is important for your dental health and overall general health. A dental exam is a good start to determine the health of your teeth, gums and mouth. Finding and fixing any decay in your teeth will save you a lot of pain later. Our dentists will undertake a gentle examination of your mouth and study the state of your teeth and gums. Each step will be undertaken in a step by step manner.


As a part of your full dental examination, one of our dentists will check to see if you need a dental filling in your tooth. In their initial stages, patients have negligible symptoms of tooth decay. However, with passage of time, symptoms such as sensitivity in the tooth, sensitivity while eating sweets, tooth ache or a hole in your tooth, will indicate that you need a filling.


There are many ways in which you can lose a tooth. It can be an acute trauma like an unfortunate motor vehicle accident or a fall while playing a sport. There are also various chronic causes that lead to the loss of a tooth. Whatever the reason, tooth loss is an emotionally disturbing event for most people. The loss of a front tooth is an even bigger devastating experience as it has aesthetic implications apart from functional problems.


Tooth extraction involves removing a tooth from your mouth. Depending on your condition, it could also involve removing more teeth from your mouth. There are many reasons for extraction of a tooth. Some of the common reasons are progressive gum disease, decay of your tooth, broken tooth, crowded teeth and issues with your wisdom teeth.


Our dental hygienist works closely with our dentists to provide you with optimum oral hygiene plans. All hygiene services are pain-free and affordable. If you have any sensitive area in your mouth, do discuss this with our dental hygienist so that you are comfortable throughout your appointment.


There is a fine channel inside your tooth called the root canal. A single tooth can have multiple root canals. This area is made up of the dental pulp, with nerves and blood vessels. When the dental pulp is infected, there will be toothache or abscess. Historically, such problems in the teeth resulted in their extraction. However, modern dentistry has come up with root canal treatment that contains the infection and saves the tooth.


Our dentures will help you get your smile back. They will also help you eat foods that you enjoy and give you back your confidence. Dentures replace your missing teeth, and are supported by your gum tissues. Depending on the condition of your teeth and your oral hygiene, your dentist will advise partial dentures or full dentures. In the past, dentures were removable but newer technologies have ensured that dentures are fixed in place with dental implants. Further, our dentures cover only the minimum required space. This helps you with much better taste while you eat.


Your wisdom teeth erupt only in later life and tend to be exposed to a range of dental problems. Most people have four wisdom teeth, one in each corner of the mouth. Due to their late eruption and space related issues in your mouth, these wisdom teeth can grow in an abnormal position. For instance, they can grow part out of the gum or grow into a neighbouring tooth. A tooth that grows in this way is also known as an impacted tooth. An impacted tooth results in various dental problems such as pain, infection, cysts or crowding of your teeth.


Many of our patients are keen to have a pain-free experience when our dentists treat them. To help you be at ease and be pain-free, we offer sedation services. This involves the use of anaesthesia to keep you in a calm and resting state but still remain conscious of the treatment that is being rendered by your dentist.

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